Reynolds O'Brien LLP‚Äč

Limited Liability Partnership

The partnership carries on the practice of law with a degree of limited liability. The partners in a limited liability partnership are not personally liable for the negligent acts of another partner or an employee who is directly supervised by another partner. Each partner is personally liable for his or her own actions and for the actions of those he or she directly supervises and controls. The partnership continues to be liable for the negligence of its partners, associates and employees, and accordingly there is no reduction or limitation on the liability of the partnership. All of the firm's assets remain at risk.

Liability insurance protection for the lawyers of the partnership continues, and minimum insurance requirements, as required by the Partnerships Act, have been established for LLPs by the Law Society. The Law Society has determined that the liability insurance coverage for an LLP is that maintained individually by the partners.

The limitation on liability is the only change to the partnership resulting from the legislative amendments and this change will not affect our firm's relationship with you as a client.